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Terms and conditions on the use of the BICEC Website
I – Corporate Name


A Public Limited Liability Company with a capital of F CFA
Registered Office: Avenue du Général de Gaulle – P.O Box 1925, Douala
Tax Payer’s Card N°M 129.600.008.006 J- R.C Douala 017.217

  • Legal Representative : Mr. Rochdi SANHAJI, General Manager
  • Publisher : Mrs Isabelle KONDO, Deputy General Manager
  • Editor-in-Chief: Mrs Corinne MPONDO MBOKA, Director, Marketing and Communication
Contact us :
 - Email :
 - Telephone number : (+237) 233 43 60 00

II - Disclaimer

All information on this website, which has necessarily been simplified, shall not be construed as constituting an invitation to them to subscribe for the products and services. As such, products and services offered on this website are for information purposes only even if their source is trustworthy and reliable. It shall not in any event be deemed as an offer on the part of BICEC to entice anyone to buy, sell, subscribe or provide financial services (notably with regard to banking, financing or insurance products) neither shall it be interpreted as an act of solicitation in view of Banking regulations in force.

It should be reiterated that, in spite of procedures implemented by BICEC in order to ensure the security of its website, third parties may still fraudulently include links to other internet sites, or even modify its contents with BICEC not instantly being able to thwart such attempts. Similarly, since it has no control over these outside sources and external sites, the latter cannot be held liable for their contents, veracity, relevance, quality, exhaustiveness, pertinence, illegality, publicity, products, services or any other information available on or taken from such outside sources and external sites.
Performance levels of savings and investment products on this site are only a reflection of a situation observed at a given moment and shall not, under no circumstances, be used to measure changes in rates and prices of products concerned.

In this light, BICEC declines any responsibility in the consequences that may result from the use of such information especially with regard to decisions that may be taken or actions that may be undertaken due to such information. Thus, you shall be solely responsible for the use of such information and the consequences that shall arise thereof.

BICEC particularly draws your attention to the fact that the use and interpretation of information on financial products may sometimes require specific and in-depth knowledge. It shall be incumbent on the interested party to check the information provided and to make appropriate use of it.

In any event, BICEC shall not be held liable for any indirect consequential material or immaterial loss or damage that may potentially arise from the use of information on this website by whosoever; any inaccuracy, mistake or omission relating to the information available on the site; any lack of availability of information; any direct and/or indirect harm, regardless of the cause, origin, nature or consequence thereof, brought about through access to, or failure to access the site; decisions made on the basis of information contained on the site or the use that could be made of this information by third parties (intrusions, viruses...).

BICEC endeavors to ensure that the information disseminated via the site, in particular the financial information, is accurate and up-to-date, and reserves the right to amend or make corrections to the content at any time, without prior notice. In addition, BICEC shall not be held liable neither for any factor beyond its control nor for any eventual loss or damage to you technical environment, including but not limited to hardware, software network equipment (modems, telephones...) and any other equipment used to access this website or use the services and/or information herein.
Persons who wish to obtain any product or service described herein shall contact any BICEC branch office to acquire information on its availability, contractual terms and conditions as well as rates applicable on such products and services.

By accessing this website and any of its pages, you are agreeing to these Terms under Cameroonian Law.

NOTA BENE: Access to products and services described herein may be subject to restrictions vis-à-vis certain persons or in certain countries. None of the products or services presented herein shall be supplied by BICEC to a person in the event where the law of his/her country of origin, or any other country concerning him/her, prohibits it.

Messages that you may forward to us are transmitted via an open telecommunications network and may as such be intercepted and/or modified. We are therefore to guarantee their confidentiality. Regarding confidential messages, we advice that you contact your BICEC branch using an alternative means. BICEC shall under no circumstances agree to receive email instructions to execute bank or financial transactions requiring a written and signed agreement from the customer.

III- Professional Regulations

BICEC is a Cameroonian financial institution authorized by the Monetary Authorities (COBAC, and the Supervisory authority in charge of finance), authorized to carry out all banking transactions and to provide all investment banking service in accordance with the relevant sub regional legislation (CEMAC - COBAC)

IV- Hypertext links

Users of and visitors to the website are strictly forbidden to set up a hypertext link to it without the prior written authorization of BICEC. Any request in this respect should be addressed to the Editorial Director of the website. Creating a hypertext link, after approval, may be valid on various media except those disseminating information of a political, religious, pornographic, xenophobic nature or liable to offend a large majority of people, or which contravenes the legal and regulatory provisions in force.

In this regard, BICEC shall be entitled to object to any link created without its authorization and which undermines its image, activities, values, reputation, or popularity, without prejudice to any prosecution. Any creation of a hypertext link authorized by BICEC shall be done on an entire window using the url :
As commonly accepted as internet code of conduct, links to other websites are proposed only for information purposes and BICEC may not be held liable for their contents or their terms of access. If the managers of a « target » site intend to modify their presence mode on this site, they should send a written application via email ("Contacts" column).

V- Author's Rights - Copyright

BICEC holds copyrights on the site and on all of the works appearing on the site, in particular images, texts, iconographic and photographic representations, sounds and documents which may be downloaded from the site. The reproduction or representation of all or part of this site, on any medium whatsoever, is therefore strictly forbidden without the prior written consent of BICEC. You may, however, download or print on paper pages and/or parts of this site, for strictly personal use.
Any full or partial representation, modification, reproduction, distortion, of all or part of the Website or its contents, by any procedure whatsoever and in any medium whatsoever (especially via caching and framing) as well as any sale, resale, retransmission of content or making content available to third parties by any means whatsoever is strictly forbidden and constitutes an act of counterfeiting under the regulations in force.
All brands mentioned on this site have been registered by BICEC and whose property they are. The reproduction or representation of all or part of these brands and/or logos without prior written consent from the latter is strictly forbidden, pursuant to the regulations in force.

V - Job applications posted on the website

Responding to a job listings posted the BICEC website, this does not guarantee that BICEC will proceed with that candidate's contact, even if such a candidate corresponds to the profile of the position being offered.
BICEC will contact applicants whose applications have been retained in order to arrange for such a candidate to meet the BICEC personnel responsible for his/her recruitment.
Although BICEC website is regularly updated, it is not possible to guarantee that each position appearing thereon is still available.
No contractual relationship will be created between the applicant and BICEC as a result either of the applicant submitting an application to BICEC or, unless otherwise specifically indicated by BICEC, of any subsequent exchange of correspondence, whether by electronic or regular means, between the applicant and BICEC.
Should the applicant accept a position offered by BICEC, the terms and conditions of employment will be contained exclusively in a contract of employment governed by the applicable to such a contract. In any event, BICEC shall not, in any way whatsoever, be liable for positions no longer being available or employment applications not being accepted.
Responses to employment contacts, whether spontaneous or not, will be sent to the electronic address provided by the applicant. Responses to applications may be sent by regular mail to the address of the applicant. The applicant assumes full responsibility for any electronic address provided to BICEC.

BICEC shall not be held liable for the confidentiality of the address indicated in the application in particular, a professional electronic address, not being maintained, thereby enabling third parties to learn of BICEC's response.

VI- Declarations

This site has been declared at CNIL.

Sunday, 20 Sept. 2020.
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