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Use BICEC.COM in complete security

BICEC would like you to carry out all your transactions with confidence, whether at branch offices, via telephone or online. This is why at BICEC, security in online banking transactions is of primary importance.

As a customer, you equally have an active role to play to ensure the complete security of the information we exchange. Here are a few measures we take to ensure security of your information and our recommendations for the use of our services in all confidence.

Measures taken by BICEC

Our online banking service is hosted on a secure site. Therefore, all enquiries and transactions that you carry out are encrypted once you enter your username/user number and your secret code.
This is demonstrated on your computer by:

  • The presence of https:// before the Internet address on your navigator once you are on the account enquiry page.
  • The Keyicon displays or Lock icon

Measures you need to take to reinforce the protection of your personal information: 

When logging onto the Online Banking service:

  • Do not use a link from an email. Rather type the address of the BICEC site directly on your navigator and save it under the « favorites » column;
  • Ensure that the online connection with your bank is secure (display of the key or lock icons on the address bar)

Do not type your username/user number and password on a page displayed after clicking a link on an email received.

Use the LOG OUT icon Disconnect To sign out from online banking Online

Once you are through with your account balance enquiry, click on «log out» and be sure you have completely logged out.

To manage your password:

  • Once you receive your password, change it immediately when logging in for the first time while ensuring you delete the mail bearing the password;
  • Use a password that you can easily retain while avoiding passwords already used for other services (email, for instance);
  • Memorize your password and keep it secret;
  • For security reasons, we advise you not to store your username or number on your computer even if your navigator proposes to do so.
  • Under no circumstances should any BICEC employee request your password. Even if this happens, do not disclose your login details to such a person. Contact us immediately.
  • Please let us know immediately if information related to your username or password is stolen or lost. Contact us by sending an email to the following address: : SERVICECLIENT@bicec.comor by calling the number (+237) 233 43 60 00.

Tips on protecting your computer :

  • Protect your computer from viral attacks by using an antivirus and updating it regularly;
  • Protect your internet connection by using a firewall which will only grant internet access to authorized programs;
  • Update your operating system as regularly as your computer may ask you to.

In order not to be a victim of fraud:

Be extremely vigilant on the emails you receive and which seem to be issued by BICEC.
Some fraudsters may attempt to abuse your trust you by sending you emails asking you to enter personal information online (bank card number, username / password) on a dummy site that resembles the BICEC website.

  • Never send a reply to an email purportedly sent by BICEC requesting you to send personal information.
  • Never transmit your username/user number and password via email or telephone.
  • Never type your username, password or bank card number on a site you accessed through a link contained in an email.

... and stay vigilant, Regularly check your accounts and verify the most recent transactions. If you have any doubt about the authenticity of a transaction:
Call your bank to report this using (+237) 233 43 60 00.

Sunday, 20 Sept. 2020.
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